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Perfect Match - BF CURL 13x5 Lace Frontal

Perfect Match - BF CURL 13x5 Lace Frontal

Benefits of PGT’s BF Curl 13x5 Lace Frontal:

1) The hair will look like it is growing from your scalp.
2) Versatility – This frontal will allow you to style/part your hair anyway that you desire. You can wear it straight back off of your face or wear any flip over style.
You can also flat iron it bone straight and rewet it to activate the natural curl pattern.
3) This frontal goes from ear to ear which will protect your natural hair line as well as allow a full recreated hair line.
4) Natural Lace Color.
5) Ability to dye any desired color.
6) Perfect Match for PGT’s BF Curl Virgin Hair Bundles for any installation method. (Highly recommend creating a Lace Wig Unit for flawless, easy styling and more cost effective).
7) Can be used to conceal the loss hair along the hairline (aka hide thinning or loss of edges).
8) Can be worn for repeat installations.

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