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Virgin ‘Bf Curl’ Lace Closure

Virgin ‘Bf Curl’ Lace Closure

PGT's BfCurl Lace Closure
Virgin Brazilian Lace Closure, the key to flawless hair!!!

Virgin Brazilian Lace Closure be dyed any desired color.

Benefits of the lace closure are:
1.) Protects your leave out so that you don't burn your hair out with constant heat.
2.) Flawless extension styles. All uniformed curls, which means you don't have to worry about blending natural hair with virgin hair.
3.) NO SWEAT! Get & stay fit without the worry of sweating out your hair on gym days.
4.) A natural looking part that can be parted anyway you desire.
5.) Versatility. Hair can be worn in it's natural state of flat iron bone straight to compliment hairstyle.


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